Property Taxes and The Appeal Process for Hilton Head Island, SC

Even if you did not appeal your taxes last year by December 15, 2013, there is still an opportunity to file an appeal this October and before January 15, 2015. If successful in your appeal, you could enjoy savings for the next four years(rather than five) as our county assesses properties every five years.

Insurance needed for owning on Hilton Head Island, SC

Buying a home or villa in the Hilton Head Area? Scott Callen with Callen Insurance Services explains what is needed in the Low Country and the Hilton Head Area including HO6 Policies for villas and condos.

As-Is on Hilton Head Island

Purchasers and sellers of Hilton Head Property will run across “as-is” in the contract form and may wonder what exactly this means to them. As a buyer or seller, the as-is part of the contract allows information about the home to be put on the table. Typically “as-is” means a seller will convey the property with systems in good working order, relatively sound and free of water leaks(less normal wear and tear). If you would like to review this section of the contract visit and type in as-is in the search section.

Hilton Head Visit Pre-Approvals

There will be no pity in be-back city for Hilton Head buyers after this summer. While many have been lucky the last few years in delaying their Hilton Head purchasing decision, market research shows supply dropping as buyers get off the fence. Buyer confidence is building and even higher priced properties are dropping in supply shown by the table below. Looks like local REALTORS, lenders, inspectors and attorneys are going to have a HOT summer on Hilton Head in 2013!

The Dirt on Hilton Head, Bluffton and Daufuskie Land

Get the scoop on why this is the best time to buy a homesite in the Hilton Head Area. Bank financing, compelling prices and available properties, makes buying homesites a “buyer alert” opportunity. Get your foot in the door and buy land on Hilton Head, in Bluffton or Daufuskie today.

Hilton Head Island ~ Market Trend Information for Buyers and Sellers

Based on recent market research, buyers and sellers didn’t negotiate as much in last month on Hilton Head Island. The average list to sell price hovered in the 95% range for homes and villas in almost all price categories on the Island. Factors that may have contributed to this include good pricing, falling inventories and relatively stable prices. Listed below are some other observations we noted in our market research. Read the rest of this entry

Maps of Hilton Head Ilsand and Bluffton

Everyone loves a good map. The maps of Hilton Head Island and its communities offer the opportunity for buyers to research the location before they ever jump in the agents car. We have posted maps for Hilton Head communities below and some communities off Hilton Head Island. Our short video above covers the location and information about Hilton Head Island Read the rest of this entry

Hilton Head Island ~ Condo, Villas and Home financing

Hilton Head Island, SC ~ A short video on villa/condo financing. Mike Quigley with TD bank offers villa financing that does not require Freddie or Fannie approvals because TD Portfolios their loans. In addition, TD Bank does not place any requirements or restrictions regarding an H0-6 Policy which most banks do. It should also be mentioned that TD Bank offers financing for Canadians without typical challenges. Call Mike Quigley for villa and home financing at (843)341-4558 or e-mail at

Top Question Villa Buyers should ask

Summer season kicks off the villa buying season on Hilton Head Island. Watch this short video on the questions potential buyers should ask their real estate agent

Boost Your Hilton Head Rentals

Three easy ways to increase your vacation rentals and fill up those empty weeks and days on your Hilton Head Property. Robert Stenhammer with Hilton Head Accomodations shares with us these easy ideas.

HUD1~Closing Costs for Buyers and Sellers

A short video with CPA Paul Griz giving us information on the closing costs for buyers and sellers and possible deductions available.

Beaufort County ~ Delinquent Tax Sale

Here’s the skinny on the upcoming delinquent tax sale for Beaufort County. The opening bid includes, delinquent taxes for 2010, all penalties and fees, plus the current year taxes for 2011. This is the minimum opening bid. They accept Visa! Owners will have up to 12 months to redeem their real property paying you interest for the time that you carried the property (interest shall not exceed the opening bid). If real property is not redeemed, a delinquent tax sale deed is issued to the successful bidder. All stamp fees and preparation costs must be paid prior to the deed recording and the property is deeded lien free.

Hilton Head Inspections

Rick Puplava of Southeast Inspection Services on Hilton Head Island shares with us ideas for buyers when they are purchasing a home or villa in the Hilton Head Area. Rick offers inspections and invited the buyer along to learn more about the property that they are purchasing. He also suggests having the property reinspected prior to closing with his services for $85.00 for the re-inspect fee. Southeast Inspection Services can be reached at (843)757-1950

Hilton Head Financing Update July 2011

This two minute video answers the three questions every buyer has. David Crowell of Mortgage Network answers these questions and together we encourage everyone to apply and see where they are.

North + South Forest Beach Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

It is a great beach town. Forest Beach has been referred to as “downtown Hilton Head” because it is in the heart of Hilton Head Islands Beach with dining, shopping and beach in one central area

Fly and Buy on Hilton Head Head Island

Types of Rental Property on Hilton Head Island

This short video will help you in your research of Hilton Head Island and the location of these properties.

What Should Every Hilton Head Buyer Do?

Hilton Head Real Estate Statistics

Robbie Bunting a broker on Hilton Head Island explains his market trend report that can help real estate buyers and sellers when it comes time to negotiate, review pricing or find out more about the present real estate market.

Meet Darcey Sundling, Vacation Property Manager

Darcey is the property manager for vacation homes and villas on Hilton Head Island. The best way to explain the benefits is with the short video above covering these key questions.

Taking Good Care of Your Second Home